Thursday, 19 March 2020

Some good news.

Our son in law had his post brain tumour removal consultation today.By phone.It was good news that the tumour was benign and he has healed amazingly well.There is the possibility of further tumours but they are going to monitor him closely.Phew!
Our eldest granddaughter who was spending a semester at Madison University in Wisconsin USA decided to come home as all the American students had been sent home and she was there on her own.She travelled three hours by bus to Chicago,plane to Dublin and then plane to Heathrow and onto Cambridge and home.I think she got out in the nick of time.Phew again!
My OH is "vulnerable" having no spleen and rheumatoid arthritis.He is as fit as a fiddle really but we are being very careful.We live where there is lots of empty countryside so we can go for walks and not meet anyone.I was lucky enough last Friday to buy in a local hardware shop two face masks.FFP3 .These are what the doctors are using and were used in the Ebola epidemic .I got the last two.

I have a 1,000 piece jigsaw on the go and two more were delivered today from Hobbycraft.
I have started to learn macrame.
I have lots of knitting and crochet(Some for charity).
I have loads of books ,magazines and puzzle books.
Radio 4 to listen to.

I just can't settle to anything at the moment

And finally I have ordered some wine.We should be ok!!!!

Take care everyone and stay safe.
Love to you all.


  1. That's such good news for your family. It's nice to hear some good news for a change!

  2. That's brilliant news about your son in law and also that your granddaughter has made it home from America.

    It sounds like you have plenty of plans for keeping yourself busy. Enjoy the wine!!

  3. Barbara - fabulous news about your son-in-law - hope all continues to go well for his health. Glad your granddaughter managed to get back OK - so many are stranded around the globe.
    Enjoy the country walks - wish I could be there in the English countryside that I miss so much, even after all these years away - and do enjoy all those interesting pastimes eventually. Like you, I have plenty to keep me busy. . . . . . . it's just getting motivated that's somewhat hard right now.

    Stay well - your family and friends too.
    Mary -

  4. Wonderful news about your son-in-law and that your granddaughter is back safely, that was a long and involved journey for her. I got my Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she was studying. I have been self isolated for a week and the county says everyone needs to stay home until April 2, except for essential work and errands. I am stocked up on beer!

  5. Thank you for the good news. Welcome to you no doubt also! xxx

  6. Wonderful news on your son-in-law,he's nothing to do with me but has been on my mind. Tom has been jiggying today and I have done a bit of beadwork. We ventured out tonight on the seafront when there were hardly any people there and blew the cobwebs away.

  7. Wonderful news all round - I'm so glad for you all. xx

  8. Good news about your son-in-law and grand daughter. Like you we are just going to quiet places to walk and also using the local co-op shop for newspapers, milk and eggs etc. Take care:)

  9. Good news for your family, so refreshing to read in these current times.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful news Barbara, we need it! Take good care.