Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Are you stocking up ....

Are you stocking up in case the coronavirus spreads?I must admit we have done a bit.We have a spare freezer in the garage and we have filled it with bread and meat and fish.We have also stocked up on toilet rolls!!!!Some long life milk too.
My OH has a compromised immune system in that he has no spleen and is on daily antibiotics for life.So we have a bit of a worry there and I would rather be safe than sorry.When I told my daughter I thought she would say I was fussing but,no,she tells me she has enough food to feed the four of them for three weeks.She is a Type 1 diabetic and four weeks ago her OH had a brain tumour removed so they are vulnerable.
Have you made any preparations or do you think it is all a big fuss?
Look forward to hearing your views.


  1. I think it's only sensible to take stock of what you have and make a few arrangements, if possible. Not hoarding huge amounts of stuff but enough that if you had to self isolate you'd not be a nuisance to friends or neighbours.
    I've in a 'vulnerable' group (age) so will consider carefully where and how I go out.

  2. I haven't stockpiled but will probably buy extra when I do my monthly shop later this week. It sounds like you and your daughter have made sensible decisions taking account of your individual risks.

  3. We are keeping our stocks high, just in case, hubby is on the at risk list, and asl baby George, so if it gets close we will stay at home.

  4. We too are keeping stocks high. Both DH and I are in the at risk list, him breathing and heart issues and me chemotherapy.

  5. I think it is a sensible thing to do if you are in one of the groups most at risk:)

  6. No extra food stocking here, however we have our first confirmed case locally! Man came in on a plane from Seattle couple of weeks back (apparently not ill then), dined at a local restaurant last weekend and has now been diagnosed positive for the virus. Restaurant was totally cleaned and sanitized BUT makes you wonder what could have happened prior to that - it's a popular, busy restaurant!

    I think I'll stay home for a while!

  7. Hubby came home from B&Q with about 72 toilet rolls! I have to say I do think that was over the top. My sister is stock-piling tinned food. I haven't reached that stage yet. But it is all looking very worrying.