Friday, 10 July 2009

Post it notes

I find post it notes very useful in charts.Just stick it below the current row and you don't get mixed up.
I met my friend this morning for coffee.She is also into knitting and had asked me to try and get her some wool in last Sunday's Posh sale.She wanted 2 lots but I only managed one.After getting over the initial shock of opening the parcel and seeing bright pink(the tissue paper) she was thrilled and I must say I wished I had kept it for myself but I couldn't be so selfish.
My Tilia is ready for going to Devon tomorrow.I am now on the second chart.I am sure it must definitely keep the Alzheimers away working it all out!!I have other things packed as well and ,yes, one day I will get back into my cross stitch.I just must stop buying wool.
I will try and be careful about my diet while away but I hope the extra exercise will balance any lapses in the diet.Watch this space when I get back for a weigh in.

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