Monday, 6 July 2009


Diet O.K today.I had just one slice of bread for lunch not the usual two.I left some of my potato at supper and I have been for a brisk 25 minute walk.I intend to walk twice a day but it has rained a lot .

My Tilia shawl has not progressed much.I have decided not to do nupps (thanks sarah for the offer of practical help).I am doing beads instead.Do you know someone has finished already and it looks gorgeous.How do they find the time?I don't work but have other things that interfere with knitting.My husband is out walking plus lunch tomorrow so a good chance for knitting but I must clean the house before my daughter in law comes to stay straight after we get back from Devon.

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  1. Well done on the diet front, it is hard to get going sometimes (I am having a hard time getting into it).

    I am sorry to hear you have given up on knupps because you will have to undo some of your knitting but I understand about putting in the beads they will look lovely. I can't believe someone has finished their Tilia already it has taken me a week to almost finish the first chart (I didn't think I was that slow at knitting).

    Housework apparently is good for burning calories off - so think of that while you are cleaning! Have a good time in Devon and keep us posted on the weigh in please. Sx