Friday, 17 July 2009

Back from Devon

Well, we are back a day early.The forecast for today was more rain so we decided to head home early.We also thought that the traffic would be very bad tomorrow but it still took us 6 hours today.We have had a good time and seen lots of places.It was such a shame that the place we were staying had a lovely garden and we couldn't take advantage of it because of the weather.We had an annexe to the main house with our own little bit of garden that had stream running through and even a natural small waterfall.
I did lots of knitting and finally feel I am making progress with my Tilia shawl.I used beads at the start and am now using them in the central section.I decided replacing all the nupps with beads would be too much.
Does anyone watch Doc Martin?We had a trip to Tintagel and then went on to Port Isaac.We couldn't understand what all the crowds were watching and then realised they were filming.Martin Clunes and all the cast were there and it was fascinating watching how it's done.I had my photo taken with the one who plays the policeman .
We visited lots of National Trust properties and ate their cake so I am dreading going on the scales!But I needed cheering up with all that rain!!
What about the Box?I think some people thought they were automatically in it again .So shall we do it again?

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  1. Even as you speak - metaphorically speaking - I am packing the box back up, writing the cards, double checking I havn't forgot anybody this time (whoops) and generally preparing to bung it into the tender loving care of the Royal Mail, tomorrow all being well.