Friday, 24 July 2009


The grandchildren have gone home and we are exhausted!!We had a brilliant time- going to Chester zoo (5 and a half hours walking round),felt making at a local country park,Jolly Jungle play barn pot painting etc.Plus all the in house playing with Lego,Downfall,Stay Alive etc.

See above my completed Tilia shawl.It's not a very good photo but the best I can manage.It doesn't show up the beads.I don't think it is a pattern I will tackle again particularly as I have a super new book calledVictorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.It is a lovely coffee table type book but it is full of great patterns for stoles ,shawls and scarves.

I am dreading the Sunday weigh in.My jeans tell me it will not be good news!!


  1. Love the colour! Apparently mine is a horrid colour (according to him indoors) so was a bit upset having put all those hours in!

    I also have that book but was afraid of the charts so haven't made anything yet! Am not afraid of charts anymore so will be having a go once 'cindarella' is finished. Lottie wants gloves made with the left over yarn to match, any suggestions?

    My jeans don't feel any looser either! Looks like some of us are not loosing as much as we would like.

  2. Fabulous shawl! I love the colour - I've switched to beads too as the nupps were too much effort. I feel bad about the weight thing but I think it must be the running that's helping me out as I haven't been that good!

  3. The shawl is amazing and I'm really impressed. My daily weigh in is on a Monday because that's the day I do it for Weightwatchers, but I have a horrible feeling that it is going to be not a good one this week as the old chocolate has proved too much to resist this week. But as you say, you can always start again. Trouble is with time of the month is the cravings for anything sweet. So I will have to come up with something else to munch on. My Mum has just given me a slice of cake that she made, basically from storecupboard leftovers, with no fat or sugar added, and it was really nice. So I'm hoping to wheedle the recipe out of her, especially as it was one of her experimental recipes so isn't going to be in any book.