Thursday, 17 September 2009

a busy week

I thought being retired meant I would have lots of free time.Not true.Already this week I have met 2 different friends for coffee,had a long lunch with 2 friends I have met through a magazine,been to a talk on Victorian Narrative Painters.Last night we went to the theatre to see The Browning Version and Swansong.Peter Bowles (To the Manor Born) should have been in it but he was ill.A friend comes with us whose wife has died recently.
This morning I went to my Reading group.We were discussing Birdsong By Sebastian Foulks.It was a good discussion and very interesting.I had an hour at home and then we were off to pick Emily up from school ,take her to ballet,pick Ruby up from nursery and then take them back to their house for tea.(Shepherds Pie which my OH had made while I was at reading group.He's very good and it was delicious).We then handed over to Dad.Mum is away overnight with school on a trip.
Tomorrow we are going to Cambridge for the weekend to our son's house.So I think it is about time I went and sorted some clothes out.
Don't ever think life is dull when you retire ( I retired at 50).I don't know how I found time to work!!!

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  1. It's a good job you don't work anymore - you'd never fit it all in!! Hope I can retire when I'm 50, I think I'd like that!