Tuesday, 1 September 2009

an experiment!

As I say this in an experiment that I can actually take a photo and put it on the blog without C's assistance.It is a photo of one of my 4 hanging baskets on the front of the house which are almost finished but what hard work they have been.In a terrible summer they have needed a pint (I use milk bottles)of water every day and sometimes two.They have looked very good but will I do them again next year-I don't know. I then noticed that C had been filling cracks on the house!!
He has been out walking with a group of friends today so I have had the house to myself and just pottered.We are usually so busy we don't have time to potter.
My daughter started her new job today where she will be teaching one and a half days a week.Her elder daughter starts in the Reception class this week.It seems she has had a great day and has got the right vibes about the school and the staff.
The decision about having another cat has gone on hold again.I would love one but they are a big commitment,

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