Monday, 14 September 2009

It's all happening here today!

We live in a 3 bedroom bugalow with an enormous,high pitched loft.We have already had a staircase put in last year and now we are having a fourth bedroom put up there.So, it's all banging ,drilling ,hammering etc.Over the weekend we had a great sorting out up there.Both our children have their own houses but guess what all their "stuff " is still here.but not any more.We are going to our son's in Cambridge on Friday and we will be taking his enormous football programme collection with us( his collection of NMEs went last year),his T shirts from pop concerts etc and all his university memorabilia.Anything up to 18 I am keeping because I am an old softie. Sarah's is a much smaller collection .

I resisted buying Posh Yarn last night but am thinking of joining the Violet Green sock club.


  1. Am trying out the comments for you (it usually only works when I am already logged in) but if you get this then I am not logged in before I typed it!

  2. Ooh, that worked (I had to log in as part of the posting thing) but you can see that I said something! Love your blog btw and I do read it everyday!

  3. Here is a test message for you - hope it works! Your loft clear out made me smile as my Mum is doing the same thing. My brother's 40 this year and she's found loads of interesting bits in the loft - including all my old school books. Very interesting reading I must say!!