Sunday, 6 September 2009

my first project

I never throw patterns away and have so many but this one has a special place in my collection.It is the first garment I ever knitted.I did it in a beige flecked wool.I think I had just started secondary school.My mother always encouraged me by saying she would buy me the materials if I made it myself so I got to knit and to sew with this incentive.You can see how old the pattern is.The price 6d-old money-pre decimal.

Apart from knitting I have lots of other hobbies and one is penfriends.I started this by someone telling me about an organisation called International Penfriends.The idea was to promote international goodwill.
I have penfriends all over the world.14 of them I correspond with as regularly as I can.They live in places as far afield as Australia,U.S.A ( HI Fran),Japan,Russia,Estonia etc.It is a fascinating hobby.I have heard first hand about changes in society and life eg South Africa,Estonia,East Germany etc.
Emily, one of my granddaughters started school on Friday,just for an hour, but was fine.It was Mum that was a wreck!!

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