Monday, 21 September 2009


Punts on the river Cam
Kings College,Cambridge

Ella and I had a girls morning out and had coffee and ? in Starbucks.Great.The boys were watching Finlay play rugby and Mum was running a charity race round Cambridge.
We had a super weekend with the family but it just went too quickly.We visited the Cambridge Food Festival which was quite good but not as good as the one we were missing in our home town!!Too many rides and temptations in C and not enough food.WE had a lovely ,lovely time and managed to get home in 3 hours.I slept most of the way and my plans to knit went awry.I did knit all the way down.Socks are great for knitting in the car.I also found a wool shop in Cambridge and bought 2 lots of sock wool and some Snuggly DK to knit Ruby a jacket.
We shall be down in Cambridge again in 5 weeks.

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