Thursday, 25 February 2010


This is a cross stitch I finished about a year ago and have just bought a frame for.It's the reason I am doing another large picture(shown in a previous post) so Sarah's girls can have one each.Our granddaughter in Cambridge also has a large one done when she was born.
Oh dear! I was in a bad mood yesterday.Today is another day.I am trying to build up my walking each day but yesterday I was too ambitious.We look after our 2 granddaughters every other Wednesday for a couple of hours.I decided I could manage the walk back from school with Emily,which I did, but then took Ruby a walk with her dolly in it's pushchair.Both done with no crutches.

Today we went to West Kirby on the Wirral and I walked halfway round the marine lake and back and this afternoon have done a short walk from home.My walking is brilliant but i am finding driving a bit painful.

I have managed to put on a photo of my finished shawl. It's a pattern from Yarn Forward(yes-Kerrie's magazine- my OH bought me a subscription).I must say I was really pleased with it .
Please keep on blogging everyone.Have a look at are some good crochet hints and patterns and knits too.The author is an illustrator of children's books.
H.ave a good weekend


  1. I'm really impressed with the cross stitch picture - it looks lovely already and will look even more lovely once framed. I also like the shawl very much as well. I have to say that I've resisted buying Yarn Forward but there are some very nice things in there. And I suppose we can't hold her awful customer relations skills against her for ever, can we?

  2. Opps guitly as well I buy YF from my local newsagent (didn't quite trust the subs route) but I do like it and Inside crochet as well.

    Love the picture, I have an unframed one of penguins but it needs a triangular frame - any suggestions?

    Love the shawl as well but I seem to have put mine to one side in favour of warmer yarns (think it could be the weather). Lets hope for a bit of sunshine soon. Am pleased to hear you are walking so much and making progress, it could take a while for the driving to get less painful but it will come back again. (it took ages for me to drive after my C section as I didn't want to take any risks).

    Glad to see we all hit a bloggy slump, will try harder I promise!

  3. Fab shawl! But can I say 'traitors'!!? I have looked through YF and guiltily liked some of the patterns but I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it. Time I moved on??