Wednesday, 7 April 2010

computer problems

We are having problems with our broadband supplier and so are changing in 10 days time to someone else.We also have a new computer.I have really no idea how this will work out.How you change everything over as we will have a new e mail address.So if I disappear for a while it is the computer.

We went to see an interesting film the other night called Seraphine.It is a French film so there were subtitles( can't watch those at home.They interfere with the knitting!).It was about a french painter called Seraphine who lived in Senlis.She lived in poverty for most of her life and ended up in an asylum.Her paintings are really interesting.My only complaint was that the film was a bit long at two hours.

I hope you all had a good Easter.Ours was very quiet but we have been very busy in the garden getting all the heavy jobs done before C is banned from lifting for 6 weeks following his op tomorrow.I feel a bit stressed about him going in obviously but as well I have done very little driving since January following my knee op.It will force me back into it!

I got my Violet Green Lace Club pack today.It is a beautiful red colour and the shawl pattern looks good,not like anything I have done before.I just have to cast off my Prairie Rose lace shawl from last month's The Knitter.I have ordered some wool to knit the Savannah cardigan/bolero from the same issue.I havn't knitted anything for myself for years.


  1. Good Luck for the operation tomorrow, and good luck with the driving. I'm sure you'll be fine!

    P.S. I haven't really got a big garden at all- our garden opens out onto a field directly behind us.
    Love k
    Kathy xxx

  2. Hope everything went well with the OP.

  3. Hope the operation went well and that you were ok with the driving - computers are wonderful things when they work - hope all goes well with your change over:)

  4. Hope all went well, I'm sure you'll soon get back in the swing of driving. I didn't realise you had joined the VG lace club. I did too, the yarn is a lovely colour and I shall be CO this afternoon. I got my blocking wires from They do a basic set for £19.95 & a 'luxury' set which is more expensive. I got the basic set but I had to buy more pins as 20 wasn't enough. The bead patterns came from the lovely Sarah - I'm sure she won't mind if I e-mail it to you ...?