Saturday, 17 April 2010


I am hoping this works.The man came to help us out but it stiil took us time to work out how to transfer e mail addresses for this blog,facebook etc.

As expected Emily has got chicken pox and it seems she is covered with is her birthday plus party next week ,just when the rest of the class will be going down with it!!

What glorious weather.After a busy week running C about we have just sat in the garden and chilled today.A meal deal from Tesco will complete the day


  1. Best of luck with your computer - they're great when they're working- but when they're not ...... aaaaarrrrhhhhh!
    Poor Emily! We had chicken pox going round school before Easter ... it's certainly doing the rounds!
    Hope this weather continues - hasn't it been lovely?
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Glad you got your computer and etc sorted out - hasn't it been a great weekend for being out and about in the garden?