Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Life is pretty boring at the moment!

I know I shouldn't complain but I am getting rather fed up with all these hospital visits and stays.We seem to have had 18 months of it.Hopefully we are at the end of it when C recovers from his op.You don't realise how much they do until they can't do it!I thought I was going to have to go and look after Emily tomorrow so have raced round today getting everything done, trips to the tip with garden rubbish,Tesco,Bins out ,ironing done etc and now Sarah has decided to send her back to school.It would have meant leaving here at which I wasn't looking forward to but I was looking forward to spending the day with Em.I had bought a sticker/story book,little sewing kits(with big plastic needles and perforated felt-all for £1),devised a spotting trail round the area etc.Never mind they will come in useful another time.

No photos at the moment because I havn't worked out how to do it yet and C isn't up to it.I have some gorgeous auriculas in the garden that I want to show you.


  1. I love auriculas but haven't got any as I thought they were supposed to be tricky? How have you got on with them?

    Am sorry to hear you aren't going to see Em it is so frustrating when you get things organised and then it is cancelled - try not to feel too much at a loose end today (perhaps it is time for a spot of dedicated knitting time).

    It is a horrid feeling when life makes it difficult, I must admit we have all felt a bit housebound without the car - although it is now back we have to 'run it in' so still a bit off kilter! Fingers crossed that we all feel better soon!

  2. I know what you mean about the hospital - In 2006 my other half came down with gangrene in a very sensitive area and spent 8 weeks in hospital and 18 months with a colostomy bag. And you do get fed up of spending your time going to and from the flipping hospital - driving 15 miles there, finding somewhere to park then walking what feels like a further 15 miles to get to the ward !!! It all seems like a bad dream now.

    I've also lost my duck - a rat got at the eggs the other night and she's gone - so I am sad cos I was really looking forward to seeing the ducklings. :(

  3. Sorry to hear your life's a bit traumatic at the moment. Hospitals are always depressing I think. I try and avoid them at all costs! Hopefully the weather will pick up and help the recuperation along. I think we all need some cheering up after the winter we had!