Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lady Lever Art gallery

We decided today we needed an art gallery visit so off we went to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight, Wirral.It is a great littlegallery with lots of pre Raphaelite paintings by Millais, Holman Hunt,Rossetti and Bourne Jones.We have been lots of times but I never tire of seeing these paintings and always spot something I have missed in a previous visit.The gallery was opened in 1922 in Port sunlight.port Sunlight is a very special place.It was built for the workers at the soap factory to provide better living conditions.

On the way back I stopped to buy lots of little chicks to dot around the house on Sunday as my daughter and family were coming to stay.We would play spot the chick around the house and then have an easter egg hunt in the garden.Then the phone went and it was Sarah to say that Ruby (2)had chicken pox.As my husband has no spleen and has never had chicken pox they can't meet!Added to this he is going in hospital next Thursday for a hernia repair on his splenectomy scar.If Emily (nearly 5) gets the chicken pox the week after I shall be dividing myself between the two when Sarah is at work(only Thurs and Fri).Ruby has actually timed it quite well because daddy will be home all weekend and Sarah is on her Easter break.Poor Ruby.get well soon.


  1. Oh no the dreaded chicken pox. Alex has just recovered from a bout of it and we are in the middle of a epidemic of it at work - people who have had it before are getting it again - because apparently there's an East European strain come into the country with all the people coming in to work. And because we see a lot of them for benefit claims - we're getting the virus !!!

  2. Yes - we've got chicken going round in our school too! It's nasty isn't it.Hope they don't too many itchies.
    I'm glad you like the Lady Lever Gallery- it's one of my favourite places to be!!!
    I've got a post about it somewhere on my blog too.
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. One of my great nephews has chicken pox too! I like the Lady Lever Art Gallery and the village of Port Sunlight. Hope little Ruby is soon well and that your husband's hospital visit goes well.

  4. So sorry to hear about the chicken pox - could you send it my way - a couple of weeks off work would be great just think of all the catching up with myself I could do!

    I have never been to Port Sunlight although I have always wanted to go! Maybe once I have a car we car all get in together it would be a good trip to make.

    Good luck with the hospital trip and the children, hope all goes well!