Thursday, 23 September 2010


The audacity of some people.Last night someone broke into the shed in the garden of my daughters's next door neighbour.They stole a set of left handed golf clubs climbed over the fence broke into S's shed (or possibly just opened the door.They aren't sure it was locked!) left the first set of clubs and took Mike's right handed ones plus some old fishing tackle.They then climbed over the next fence ,let the dogs out at the front,climbed another fence and broke into a conservatory,using the golf clubs and stole a TV before the burglar alarm went off.The poor mum,with 3 small children ,was on her own.Her OH works abroad.S and M were very lucky as their patio door lock is broken and they could have just walked into their house.

I am still going to the clinic for dressings but hope to be discharged either tomorrow or next week.We have booked a little break to Provence.We can only find a five day slot in our busy schedule so are flying,Ryanair,to Nimes for five nights.We have booked in at the Ibis and will hire a car.If the weather is bad there are lots of places to visit.The challenge will be packing for 5 days in carry on luggage.Lots of scarves and wear as much as you can !!

It's Mold Food Festival this weekend.It gets to be a better event every year.Brian Tilsey is here this year.We went to the Cambridge Food Festival last year and Mold's was much better.Sarah and the girls are coming for the weekend while Mike goes to see his mother in Cockermouth as she has been in hospital.


  1. It's really unsettling when there's been a burglary isn't it? We had a spate about two years ago when our neighbours were hit, but thankfully we weren't touched ... we mustn't have anything worthwhile! I hope you have a wonderful time in Provence ... it's one of my favourite places. Nimes airport is tiny ... so it's very easily managed!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. What a cheek! I hope the police manage to catch them - it must be awful to be in the house alone when that happens - you must feel so vulnerable. Hope the food festival is good - I had to read that twice, thought you were celebrating 'mouldy' food for some reason!

  3. It's unsettling when that happens - not just the theft but the fact that someone has been in your house and garden! I have friends in Nottingham who've been burgled twice over the last few years. We had two wrought iron garden chairs taken a few years ago - I was annoyed with myself because when I was cutting the lawn I thought I'd put them in the shed as it was early October but then decided to leave them out a bit longer - the next day we noticed they'd gone! Hope you have a wonderful holiday:)

  4. How awful for the poor mum on her own! My hubby works shifts and I hardly sleep at all on the first night shift! Have a great time in France. xxx

  5. Grr I tried to reply to this and it lost it!

    Nasty burglars stole my words and then gave me nightmares!

    So sorry that some people feel the need to take what doesn't belong to them and worse still use it to then burgle someone else.

    Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to hearing about it soon. S x