Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How things change!

We should have been going away this Friday for an all inclusive hotel ,week long,holiday to Marrakesh in Morocco.On Friday I noticed a red lump in my cleavage area on my chest.I thought it would go away but by Monday morning it was the size of a large grape and very angry and sore.C made me make an appointment at the docs.I still thought I was making a fuss and would be sent away with a flea in my ear.However, he took one look at it and picked up the phone to the hospital which is 30 minutes away and arranged for me to go the Surgical Assessment Unit.Immediately!We were due to go to the funeral of a relative of Cs straight after my appointment so when I got home C was suited and booted and black tie on.He had to do a quick change and off we went to Wrexham.They were great.There was a bed for me and I was seen by the duty consultant within 10 minutes of arriving who told me that they would have to do a little op and I could either have a local anaesthetic or a general.When the surgeon came to see me she said I would have to wait till late evening for the general as there was long list for theatre in front of me.So,brave girl that I am(not) I went for the local plus gas and air.havn't had that since I had babies.Ouch,ouch ouch!!!It was not good but I am OK and came home 2 hours later.Amazing treatment from the NHS.The only problem is it has to be packed and dressed every day for at least 10 days so no trip to Marrakesh.Hope we can get our money back.My GP has said he will do all the paperwork.

So no photos of Marrakesh coming up.

C'est la vie.We can go another time#


  1. Oh you poor thing - sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth doesn't it! Hope you recover quickly!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear you can't go away but wow what a service you got!

    I am sure you will find something exciting to do instead - you always seem to.

    Feel better soon, Sx

  3. Hope you feel better soon and get your money back from your missed holiday.

  4. Ouch! That sounds painful but great service! A real shame about the holiday though, hopefully you'll get insurance money and be able to go again when you're more up to it.