Friday, 17 September 2010

Do you like my flowers?

Do you like my flowers?C is very good at buying me flowers and always seems to pick the right moment.I love sunflowers.They so remind me of holidays in France and huge fields of sunflowers.I can remember one particular year we were camping and from the campsite to the beach passed fields and fields of them.
I am doing the Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket Club.You receive five squares a month to knit and we have just five more to do to complete the blanket.It has been a real challenge and I have learnt so much like knitting with beads and sequins.However they all have to fit together so the one on the left above has got to become a square the same size as the right hand one.I think the sewing together will be a problem as blocking doesn't seem to help much.

This is the latest sdhawl that I have just finished.It is enormous.I just kept knitting.I didn't want to waste any wool.Will I ever wear it?Don't think so but I got great satisfaction doing it.

This is the latest sock wool I bought from RKM in Chester.The colours have come out very poorly.They are purples and khaki and will be for C. who was complaining this morning he had to wear shop bought socks as all the hand knitted ones were in the wash.
Finally,I am feeling much better.I went to my reading group this lunchtime.This is my less serious group where we talk about the book for about 10 minutes and then just chat way.We meet in a Costa coffee place.I had hoped to be discharged from the clinic today but I have to go back twice next week and once the following week for dressing.It is making us realise now that it was quite serious.M&S meal deal for tea!


  1. Yes I love sunflowers ... they remind me of the journey to the south of France when you drive past fields and fields of them.
    So glad to hear you're on the mend ... I bet you had quite a shock!
    Have a nice weekend Love Kathy xxx

  2. So sorry to read that you have had to miss your holiday but thank goodness you got sorted out quickly - hope you feel better soon. The sunflowers are lovely - they remind me of being in both France and Italy and seeing the fields of them stretch for miles - aren't they wonderful, cheerful flowers?

  3. Sunflowers are beautiful and that's a lovely shawl (your shawl drawer must be getting really full!) Glad you're feeling better, it's worrying when something like that happens - hope you'll be able to book another holiday soon.

  4. Glad you're feeling better now. I had an ulcer at the top of my leg last year and it took months before the district nurses didn't need to pack it and dress it any longer. Nasty things (ulcers not nurses)

    I love your sunflowers - they do look so bright and cheerful. I am also doing the blanket from Debbie although I haven't done any for some time as I've been concentrating on C&G but I've blocked mine as I've gone along and believe me that blue one will stretch a fair deal - mine did :)

  5. Lovely shawl. Hope you find the perfect occasion to wear it.