Monday, 27 September 2010

Food and Drink Festival.

This weekend was our town's Food and Drink Festival.We managed to get there soon after it opened when it was quite quiet.Over the two days 11,000 people visited.Unfortunately I didn't get to take many photos as we had 2 little ones in tow and a pushchair.This year there was lots more tasting which was great and ahuge array of stalls,most of them local producers from here in N Wales.We tasted cheeses,sausages, cakes and lots more.
There was foreign food as well.Loads of different olives.

There was live music all day too.
We had lunch there.Emily chose ostrich burger!

Look at all these pies!

This was a pork pie topped with Blue Stilton which C bought.Very yummy too.

Here are some other things we bought.Different kinds of sausages for tea.Three cheeses and an apple teabread for afters.
All in all a great day.The icing on the cake was the weather.Clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine(but it was a bit chilly).


  1. My sort of day out!! Those pies look DELICIOUS!!!

  2. We went to the Wirral Food and Drink festival a few weeks ago .. it was really good. I bet you had lots of the same stalls as we're so close. Our best purchase was some Spanish black pudding which was made with rice. It was delicious, and I usually hate black pudding.
    Love Kathy xxx