Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Is it time to move on?

Ruby having lunch with Grandpa today.Every six weeks the lovely Rachel comes to our house to cut my hair,Sarah's and Ruby's.We had to have a picnic lunch because Rachel was busy cutting and blow drying in the kitchen.How many jigsaws can a girl do?She isn't 3 until November but spent an hour doing these ,with some help.I was amazed how many jigsaws we actually had!

Now about my heading.
I ,along with Sarah(not daughter),Allison and Claire started blogging when we were let down by HipKnits knitting club.The idea was to share ideas,projects etc.I am just wondering now whether anyone wants to read the ramblings of a retired teacher,mother,grandmother,crafter etc.
I think it might be time to give the blog a break.


  1. Well I'd miss you ... I always read your posts ... not that I'm a knitter, but I feel like I've got to know you over the last few months! Love Kathy xxx

  2. I'd miss you too and always read your posts even if I don't always comment. I've been blogging for five years and quite often wonder why I'm carrying on but usually a short break away from blogging revives me and I'm ready to post again. Take care:)

  3. I have loved reading your blog and sharing the ups and downs of life along side you. I am sometimes very pushed for time but always read what is going on even if I don't always comment. I would be very sad not to have you along side, especially as I should be able to get more time back next month to actually put stuff on my own blog. I do however understand if you are not enjoying it anymore. Would still like to get together at some point am just struggling through my last few weeks at work! Sx

  4. I would definitely miss you - I love reading your blog.

  5. No no no!!! Ive only just found you! Many thanks for your lovely kind words on my blog- much appreciated. We do still have the young man at home, but he is missing his big sis too. Now I'm off to have a good read of your blog - and ifyou stop - I'm sending the heavies round . xxxxx

  6. So you are one of these spooky bloggers - the ones that I feel we were seperated at birth!! We must have missed each other in Honfleur by 2 weeks! You have a great blog and I'm glad you stopped by - or I may have never "met" you. xxxxx