Monday, 1 November 2010

What a glorious day

After a fairly quiet weekend we were back on grandparenting duties again today.Sarah had a training day in school so we had the girls over to us.We took them to Loggerheads Country Park which is about 10 minutes in the car from our house.With their wellies on off we went.
It was such a glorious day and it was "raining " leaves.

It was warm enough for Emily to take her coat off.We collected loads of leaves ,went home sorted them,did wax rubbings etc.Hot dogs for lunch.

Then it was off to the play area.Ruby wearing one of my creations and carrying another.I have made Emm one of the short sleeved cardies in a dusky pink.S was in Next last week and one of the staff asked where she had bought it.I was so chuffed.

A final look at the glorious Autumn colours.

We delivered them back at 4pm after a fun and laughter filled day.


  1. What a lovely walk! The children look as if they are having a great time with you. Haven't the colours been wonderful this autumn?

  2. Oh I love that walk! As a Liverpool teacher I've taken countless groups to the Colomendy centre at Loggerheads and that was always our first walk. Exciting for inner city children who rarely see the countryside. You're so lucky to have it close by!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. What a lovely day with your girls. Sounds like fun and hotdogs for lunch - yum!

    Great photos, especially the second one - just beautiful with the sun's rays coming through the trees.