Thursday, 4 November 2010

Splah of Colour November

My "Splash of Colour" is about keeping warm and cheerful!
This just one of my "stash" bags.
This what I am making with some of that wool.

And, of course, socks.This is just a selection of what I have made but for my OH the more colourful the better.
Just hope these keep our spirits up during these grey months.


  1. Lovely colours and I love those socks - your OH is much more adventurous than mine :)

  2. That's quite a stash ... I'm the same with lovely papers! Yesterday you suggested I knitted some socks to cheer me up ..those colours would cheer anybody up, but Mr B only wears black socks or white if he's feeling sporty!!! I have been doing some knitting ... I've been making a set of tiny teddies for the Christmas tree. They're very sweet... but they've taken me ages because they're so fiddly! I haven't got the'love' for knitting yet, I'm afraid!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Ooh lovely lovely! I am very envious of both ripple blanket and beautiful hand-knitted socks. These are serious treasures you've made. Thanks so much for joining in!

  4. Lovely colours and the results of your work look so cosy and snuggly as well as being colourful. The socks are wonderful - I'm enjoying all these splashes of colour everywhere:)

  5. Beautiful cheeful colours, just what is needed on a dull day. I love your ripple blanket, I have tried a few times to start one but I cannot get it right! I love a little crocheting and would like to make one of these blankets, Maybe I need somebody to sit next to me to show me how.

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by , the training is going great :-).... I love your socks , I'm supposed to be making some for christmas presents , if I ever get time to do them lol

  7. That's a beautiful blanket and I love the socks, I wish I knew how to knit them.