Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Xmas shopping

Two days of xmas shopping!We still havn't finished.I like to do armchair browsing to cut down the choice but you still have to go and look and feel etc.Toysrus was one of our ports of call today.We bought two things.The man in front of us at the till spent£794!!We want to get the five grandchildren sorted out first and like to come up with our own ideas but they already have so much it is so difficult.Main presents are sorted.Then they will have a game and something to make.Three parcels each as we will all be together this year.Then it is the adults.......

Our granddaughter Emily is very excited about the Royal wedding as it is on her 6th birthday.It means a day off school but I sense a princess party coming up.

Two more visits to the theatre in the last week."Blackthorn" and "Ill Met by Moonlight".Both very good.Nothing else booked at the moment but we may go and see Dylan Thomas's "A Childs Christmas in Wales" if we can get tickets.

This Friday we should be going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate but there is snow forecast.The plan is to set off on Friday morning and go via Skipton and the Dales and end up in Harrogate in a B&B which I have booked.I will go into the show and C will do his Xmas shopping and we will head back late afternoon on Saturday.I havn't been for a number of years because of my knee ops so I shall be so disappointed if we don't make it.

Sarah has had a good couple of days,less nausea and as a result feeling better in herself.

Any ideas of what I can get my OH for Xmas welcomed.It is his birthday on Dec 11th as well.


  1. Oh you sound very organised! I've still got loads to do yet!
    A princess party sounds the only way to celebrate a 6th birthday.... we'll probably have a big party in school.

    I'm getting Mr. B. a DAB radio
    ... hope you get to Harrogate ... we're heading off to the Christmas market at Bath snow permitting!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. You sound very organised - I've only got cards and stamps at the moment. Hope you get to Harrogate - we are off to Nottingham to pick up friends then down to Loughborough to the Great Central Railway. Yes, we did see the big wheel as we passed quickly by - I'd love to go back and look at the market:)

  3. Oh I do hope you make it to the show, I had such a fab. time at the Ally Pally one - hope you've got plenty of money to spend! I just loved the exhibitions and the bits made by the textile students - they get their inspiration from the strangest things!

  4. Every year I promise myself I'm going to get all the presents bought by the end of November. I've had a good stab but so many more to get!! Well done you for being so organised! xx