Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Update on Sarah

Just a quick update on S.she had an appointment with her GP this morning.Her husband was supposed to be going into work late.he had told Em he would take her to school.He took Ru to nursery and then went to work!!Completely forgot.It was only when he opened his diary in work he realised.He raced back and got there just as she was about to go in.She was so furious that he had let her down by not being there for her and letting Em down she went in on her own.Men!!The GP was very sympathetic and has changed her medication and reduced the dose.He wants to see her again next week and if she is still nauseous they will go back to the old regime.It seems she got very upset and he again will see how that is next week and if she is still low will consider anti depressants or talking therapy but she said to him "I don't need that.I have got my mum".She thought at one point he was going to give her a hug!We then met up in Chester.She wanted a top to wear over xmas.She tried on loads but I eventually treated her to 2 tops in M&S.She fitted into size 14 and they both looked great.I think she was amazed and that will have done her a load of good for her self esteem.She was very tearful all day but I think she will come out of it.Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope your daughter continues to feel good about herself.... she's lucky she's got you there by her side. It's amazing how something nice to wear really can improve your self esteem - I don't think men understand that do they? I've spent a day shopping in Liverpool. She did really well. Bags of energy thank goodness!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. That was meant to read a day shopping in Liverpool with my 76 year old mum. It doesn't make sense otherwise does it!
    Kathy xxx

  3. I am so glad to hear things are moving forwards - I guess it will be day at a time for a while. Men - hard to live with but just as hard to live without!

    Your daughter is so lucky to have you and she obviously values you - that is something very special.
    Love to you both, Sxx

  4. Men!! Thank goodness for great Mums! sending her my love. xxx

  5. I don't know, good job you were there! So glad she got a more positive and sympathetic response from the doctor this time. Sounds like a bit of retail therapy raised her spirits too:)