Tuesday, 14 December 2010

All the presents are wrapped!

Apart from C all the presents are bought and wrapped.Some friends of ours are moving house at the weekend and are bringing their wine collection,houseplants etc to our house tomorrow so I needed everything out of the way and in bags ready to go to their different destinations.
I have sent off my secret santa box and hope the recipient will enjoy opening it on Xmas Day.I shall cetainly keep mine for the big day.
We shall be in Cambridge and had booked to go out for Xmas dinner,12 of us.My son had an email yesterday to say they had decided not to do it.Fortunately they have managed to book somewhere else.Not easy for 12.My DIL would have been in a panic if we hadn't managed somewhere else as she is working until Xmas eve but we would have all joined in and helped but crisis over.


  1. Wow dinner for 12 sounds like fun - it will just be 3 of us here in Cheshire and a quick hop to the seaside for New year! Hope all goes well, Sx

  2. Dinner for 12 sounds like a lot of fun - especially if you are not cooking it :)

    Just the four of us and with snow forecast, I'm hoping for a quiet Christmas

  3. Is your friends' wine collection their Christmas present to you? Or do they want it back? Glad you got Christmas dinner re-sorted - your DIL can breathe a sigh of relief! Happy Christmas.