Saturday, 4 December 2010

Little jobs

I find it very difficult to do little finishing off jobs.I finished a waistcoat for Emily and a jacket for me weeks ago but have just never got round to blocking them or sewing on the buttons.My Debbie Abrahams squares are finished but not joined together.This afternoon I switched on Radio 4 for Weekend Women's Hour and I got cracking.Ok the buttons aren't on but they are pressed and I havn't done the edging on the blanket but it is all in one piece.Things are moving forward.
I sat there thinking about all these lovely crafty blogs I read and how productive people are.I came to the conclusion that a lot of them are stay at home mums so have all day to themselves.I have all day to myself,being retired, but I have a husband who is here too.Now he isn't the kind of person who expects me to do things with him.We both have many different interests and hobbies but he is around!I never get a whole day to myself.I shouldn't complain as he does most of the cooking and he can iron too!!( but he's not very good at DIY.)
My latest project Ican't say much about as it is hopefully going in the Xmas box.

I'm off to Posh Yarns website now to see if I can spot some wool as Harrogate was so disappointing on that front.


  1. Oh I never get round to finishing things off either, and I've had all the time in the world recently. I can't even blame a husband because he's either at work or out climbing. I spend too much time on my laptop! I need your address so I can post off your Cranford prize. Can you e-mail me on It's all packed and waiting to go! Thanks
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Well done on finishing things - it is always my falling down as well. Fibre and clay in knutsford has some lovely yarn ranges (including NDS) and I have a feeling that NDS also are having talks with Stash but that is not announced at all. If you get a chance to stop off in knutsford one day then fibre and clay is lovely as it is also a gallery type space selling handmade goodies. Good luck with the posh sale! Sx

  3. What a shame about Harrogate, there are obviously different stalls there to Ally Pally. There was so much wool there I really had to ration myself. I'm not good at finishing things either that's why I tend to knit small things that don't need sewing up! It's as much as I can do to weave in ends!!

  4. I am currently having a knit and finish things period at the moment - although I have knitted a purse which I want to put some nice buttons on - that I don't currently have ........ so it's waiting for the Czech glass ones I ordered the other day :)

    I've also made some fairy mice for the tree - it's a freebie pattern from Alan Dart - look at his website to download it - and they are absolutely delightful - and don't take long to make either :)