Monday, 6 December 2010

Some wintry scenes

These photos were taken this afternoon about 5 minutes from our house.We had been to Chester this morning where the frost was amazing but I had no camera with me!We grabbed the camera when we got back and these are quite good at Loggerheads.


  1. Your photos are lovely. We had amazing frosty trees today ... and I didn't have my camera either. I once spent a whole week at Colomendy in Loggerheads in the deepest snow you can imagine ... the children wpuld ask shall we put our wet clothes on, or our very wet clothes? I had rows of socks on the pipes under my bed. The cooks gave us all the tea trays to use as sleds. Great fun ... but I was very young then. I'd hate it now
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Wow doesn't it look pretty! It is jolly cold here as well only I can't tell you the temperature as the outside monitor bit has given up the ghost - too cold apparently! Take care as the paths here are very icy, especially after your knee op. Sx

  3. It's as though we live in another country with the snow decorating the hills like that doesn't it? Lovely photos!xx

  4. Super photos! Doesn't the snow make everything look wonderful? You live in such a beautiful area:)