Thursday, 16 December 2010

Terry Pratchett Discworld

Our not very stylish tree.We shall be away over xmas but I still like the tree up and leave the curtains open so passers by can see in.
More lights on the mantelpiece which is opposite the window and can also be seen.

I have finished one edging on my Debbie Abrahams blanket.You end up with 273 stitches on your needle and that is just one side.Three more to go.The 2011 blanket starts on Jan 1st so I had better get a move on!

Closer detail of the edging.It was rather daunting but does look good and will bring the whole blanket together.

It was my reading group this morning and the book we were discussing was Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.We had a good Q and A session but I didn't particularly enjoy the book.It was funny but not my kind of thing.Have you read any?

FRom there we went off to Bolton to meet my brother at my stepmother's to exchange presents.When we set off it was +4 o .Then it started dropping,right down to zero and as soon as we got there it started snowing and sticking.We quickly scurried back home but the forecast for the next two days is bad.Hopefully we will make it to Cambridge on Wednesday.


  1. I've never read any Terry Pratchett ... I just haven't fancied them. Maybe I'm missing out!
    Hope you get to Cambridge ... I'm hoping this forecast is just a lot of hype to cover their backs this time. Our daughter needs to get home from Newcastle some time next week ... so fingers crossed for everyone with a journey ahead of them!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Ive not read Terry Pratchett books, but I read some of his newspaper columns (I think he used to do a piece in Good Housekeeping at one time too). We could do without the seasonal weather! At least until we are all where we need to be! xxx

  3. Sadly no Terry Pratchet here either I prefer a good Aga saga! Love the blanket and so happy to see it complete as I know you were not smitten with it. I thought about joining this year but decided that I am not good enough about finishing to be able to keep up if I don't totally love it. Will watch yours eagerly though. Safe journey to Cambridge. Sx

  4. I read the first Terry Pratchett Discworld Novel - in fact, I think I read the first two. I didn't like them at all! I thought they were going to be along the lines of an adult Harry Potter but they just seemed to be, well, odd! Not my thing at all - give me a good murder any day! Love the blanket and the tree - have a very merry Christmas!

  5. I do read Terry Pratchett - Small Gods is not the best introdution though! The best ones are definitely the three or four containing the witches - especially Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, and some of those about the city watch and the Unseen University. Generally speaking I don't think the earlier ones are as good and the last two or three have been less amusing. Hope you get to Cambridge safely.

  6. I have to admit to reading every discworld novel by Terry Pratchett and Small Gods was not my favourite. I love the ones with the witches in as well .... such wonderful characters.