Thursday, 3 February 2011

New blanket yarn/unfinished projects

Before I start can I apologise for all my photos being sideways on.I havn't a clue what has happened.It takes so long to upload them I can't face starting again so here goes.

Above are the contents of package number 2 for the Debbie Abraham's blanket.Lovely colours again and the patterns look quite a challenge but before I do that I must finish.....
A cardigan in cotton for Ruby-one sleeve and one front to do.I suppose this could wait but I know if I put it away it will get forgotten.

Only this done on a pair of socks.Can you pick out the spiral pattern?It is so easy but really looks quite effective.This some 4 ply wool I had in my stash and feels quite hard compared to specialised sock wool.

This another pair of socks on the go.The pattern is Spring Forward and the yummy yarn is Posh Yarn sock wool.
If anyone can tell me what to do about photos turning on their side when they are correct in the camera,I would appreciate it.Also any quicker ways of loading photos.
I have been ten pin bowling today.Great fun.And I have done 4k on the bike but I am putting weight on!!

Tomorrow- coffee in the morning with a close friend.A talk by the conservation officer of Loggerheads Country Park in the afternoon and then up the M56 to meet up with 5 college friends(and it is a long,long time since I was in college!!)plus their husbands and mine.We meet twice a year in the same pub people travelling from all over Lancashire,Cheshire and North Wales.
Saturday we are off to Birmingham to meet up with our son and his family.He has a special birthday next week,overnight in a hotel and on Sunday our daughter and family join us.It will be a good break for Matt as he has been working incredible hours on the new newspaper "i".Have you seen it?


  1. Hello BusyBusyBeeJay!
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    I'm very pleased to meet you!
    You have some beautiful photographs on your blog I have really enjoyed looking at them, thank you for sharing.
    If you want to join us please visit
    Thank you,
    Love Suex

  2. Lovely knitting as always. Sounds like you've got an interesting few days ahead. Look forward to hearing all about it next week! Have a lovely time!

  3. Sounds like you have some interesting things to do over the next few days - hope you enjoy yourself. I bought a copy of 'I' today to see what it was all about - haven't had chance to look at it yet!

  4. Love the new blankets yarns - it looks like this year is quite different! The cardi for Ruby looks like it will be pretty, I miss having a small person to knit cardi's for - now she is a large person with a liking for my scarves! The socks look pretty too - although they might end up otn's for ages like mine judging by the amount of projects you are working on! Have a lovely weekend! Sx

  5. i am certian the quilt will look wonderful when finished,please let me know when the next blanket starts(next year>)??? btw.. snowdonia looks awesome

  6. Thanks for coming over to see my blog and leaving a comment, which my young son and I accidentally deleted! Please come again and I shall enjoy looking at your lovely projects...

  7. What a lot of lovely knitting. I especially like the egding to the sleeve of Ruby's cardigan. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I hope your son got home okay on Thursday. It was a nightmare!