Monday, 24 January 2011

review in print

I subscribe to a magazine called newbooksmag which is for readers and reading groups.I volunteered to be a reviewer and every so often you get sent a book to read and review.Not all reviews get printed but my last one was and there is something good about seeing your name in print.I am also in two reading groups so sometimes I do feel "help,I've too much to read .I want to knit/crochet".It's a good job I'm retired!
Following on from yesterday's post I managed 6k on the bike last night and again this afternoon.I have only had the bike for a week but already feel much better and fitter.

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  1. How exciting to have your words in print. We have an exercise bike but sadly it has arm things as well so don't think I could read and cycle at the same time. Have you tried knitting and cycling yet? I have been walking and doing wii fit plus for a couple of weeks - still have a long way to go yet!