Sunday, 13 February 2011


This where we went yesterday.I forgot the camera.Typical.So this is a postcard.Erddig is just outside Wrexham in north Wales about half an hour from our house.We are buying our daughter and son in law National Trust membership as a joint birthday present so went along to Erddig to do it.The house isn't open yet but the grounds are and it was a beautiful day.The house is fascinating.It is an early 18th century country house showing typical upstairs/downstairs life.It is well worth a visit when it opens from March 12th.We had a lovely walk round the grounds,in glorious sunshine.Today it is grey and wet.Roll on the summer.
I have just realised that i havn't blogged this week so havn't reprted back on our trip to Birmingham.We really enjoyed Think Tank.I don't think it was huge surprise to Matt that we were there.We had a lovely meal in Pizza Express,put the children to bed,left Ella in charge of the boys and then we went and had a lovely chat in the bar.Sarah and family joined us on Sunday in Sealife and then we had a wonderful meal in Cielo's Italian restaurant,all 11 of us.Wednesday was Matt's actual birthday.He had a day off work ,a real treat for him.We had bought hom lots of memorabilia from his birth year and money for bass guitar lessons.Will he ever grow up.A great weekend was had by all.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments over on my last post ... sorry for the big whinge! The birthday treat sounds very successful!
    Do you know, I've never been to Erddig and it's not too far from us either. Must get along there some time this year!

  2. It seems ages since we visited Erddig! We are hoping to join the National Trust again this year - we let membership lapse for a few years when we couldn't afford it. Your Birmingham weekend sounds like good fun:)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time in Manchester with your family and your day out sounds good too. I'll make a note of Erddig in case we are nearby on our upcoming holiday.