Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I love snowdrops.There is place local to us where the snowdrops are spectacular.They are in the grounds of an old house but you can see them over the wall.We took our daughter to see them yesterday(it was soooo cold) but they were a bit disappointing this year.
Can you see them in the background in the sunlight.Normally they cover the whole area.In our garden this year we have had very few snowdrops,probably a quarter of what we normally have.Has anyone else noticed this?Is it a bad year?

This is in the same spot.I love the reflections.

I had this parcel of bamboo yarn this.The flash has made it look shinier than it is.It is called "sea green" and is gorgeous,so soft.It is from Allison at Sugar Hippo Luxury Handpainted Yarn.Look her up on folksy.She has some great yarn.


  1. I've not seen many snowdrops yet this year just a few spreads of them on our walk on Saturday - I wonder if they are later appearing because of the weather? Your yarn looks such a delicate colour, what will you make with it?:)

  2. Miss snowdrops and really miss daffodils - my favoutite flower...they will be out soon, no doubt!