Sunday, 27 February 2011

Some of my recent purchases.

I bought this last week in a place where there are lots of little stalls/displays.(Lady Heyes at Frodsham).I thought it was quite pretty and as you can see I didn't pay much for it.(nb their spelling of brooch!).I have a display cabinet that is fairly tatty but my Grandfather made it and so I can't get rid of it.It is in a corridor at the back of the house.I have a collection of Midwinter crockery in there,some old embroidered teacloths,Coronation mugs etc.I bought this,immediately lost it but thankfully found it again this morning(after going through the bins twice and then discovering it was where I thought I had put it!)
This another purchase this week from the British Heart Foundation charity shop.I think it is so pretty.The cost-£2.50.

At this point I would love someone to tell me why some photos go on their side!Help please.
As I have blogged before i have a new hobby of collecting old postcards.They are cheap to buy and to post but are a wonderful source of social history.
This one says"How's good old Dartmouth?I'm
sure you miss me very much!
Thanks so much for my
pretty garters-what a shame
frocks are longer I shan't have t
the chance of showing them!!
but I will do my best!
May 1931 bring all that is
good to you
with love Smithy(?)
It is addressed to a Miss Dedman c/o N.U.W.T Conference.(? National Union of Women Teachers)

This is one of my oldest cards ,bought this week on ebay.It is dated 1900 and has Queen Victoria stamp.At this time only the address could be on one side.Any writing on the other.This changed in 1904(I have learn't so much).The picture is Constable's Flatford Mill.This it seems was common to give access to the public to works of art.

Finally ,I have some children/comic cards including some Mabel Lucie Attwell.I thought I had picked one of those but it isn't.

So,I hope you like my purchases of the week and all very cheap but give me so much pleasure.


  1. That's a sweet little brooch. I've never been to Lady Heyes, but it's not too far from here so I might pop along!
    I bought some vintage postcards last summer and made them into Christmas cards for my close family! Have a lovely week.

  2. I love old postcards. I've collected quite a few of places where I've traced my family history to. I also have a few that were sent to people in my family most of them c.1902 - 1910. I love the messages on the backs of some of them, too:)

  3. Lovely pieces of social history, and I do like the flowers, especially the bone rose.