Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm still cycling!

We bought an exercise bike 5 or 6 weeks ago.Everyone said that the novelty would soon wear off but I have to say that there have only been a couple of days when I havn't been on it.Those were days whenI had probably done a walk.Today is is grey and bitterly cold so not a day to be out and about.At first I read to relieve the boredom but have now taken to listening to the radio.On a Sunday I usually listen to Open Book with Mariella Fostrup at 4 o'clock.I thought Sarah Dunant was on today so started cycling at 4pm and just kept going.I must have got it wrong because she wasn't on but before I knew it I had done 5 miles.Unfortunately I havn't lost any weight but my legs and tum are much firmer and my walking is much,much better.


  1. Good for you ... it's sounds like a great way to keep fit without going out in the cold!
    By the way, our caravan is really small ... it's just a two berth ... but I suppose it looks bigger in the photo!

  2. Well done on the cycling - having something else to do at the same time does help things to fly along. I listen to knitting podcasts while I clean the kitchen!

    You guessed correctly, we are here in my favourite Norfolk! It is a bit grey but dry and very fresh! We will be walking miles again whilst we are here! Sx

  3. Sounds a great way of keeping fit! I have to listen to something to get me through the ironing - usually a Lord Peter Wimsey or Maigret on BBC7. It has been grey for the past few days - we had sleet this morniong:)

  4. Good luck with the exercise biking - I have taken up doing a 20 minute very fast walk each day, and so far so good. Must get connected up so I can listen to radio like you, though!