Thursday, 17 March 2011

Anglesey Abbey and Prince Charles

On Saturday evening we had a phone call from our son in Cambridge asking if we could go down for a couple of days to help out.His wife works in HR part time and they were having to make people redundant.It was all going to be very stressful and involve long hours.They have three children all in different schools in different locations in Cambridge so off we went.
Having delivered the children we then had the day free and decided to go to see the Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey.It was featured on Gardeners World last Friday.
We have seen it before but wanted to go again.We thought it was busy in the car park but put it down to it having been on tv.We walked through the silver birches(above) which are spectacular and then the cornus,again amazing.We saw loads of hellebores,snowdrops,scillas etc The lovely bark on this silver birch and then we saw two policemen.We had also seen in the ticket offfice lots of photographers.We got chatting to the police and asked what was going on.They seemed very surprised that we didn't know Prince Charles was visiting(opening British tourist week or something).At this moment we could hear a helicopter and see it landing in an adjacent field.

We strolled but were stopped by garden staff and told to wait a minute and through a side access to the garden appeared Prince Charles(see bottom photo).There were about a dozen of us and he shouted across "so good of you to come and see me" !!!!Most people were by the Abbey waiting to see him.He then went to the mill and finally to the Abbey and we could get on with our walk.

Our second day in Cambridge we visited the Fitzwilliam Museum and Art gallery and walked in some college grounds.
Back home on Wednesday lunchtime and then two hours later off to our daughter's as it was her birthday and we were invited to the party tea.Dancing and games followed.Book group this morning and off to see Ballet Rambert at Theatr Clwyd this evening.Whoever said retirement was dull!!!


  1. What a lovely place and such amazing colours, how lovely of the Prince to pop by and see you as well!

    Enjoy your evening, Sx

  2. I don't know how you fit it all in! I'm not a fan of Prince Charles ... I think he's a pompous fool! Sorry!

  3. Those silver birch trees are wonderful! I saw them on Gardener's world. I love Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum, last time we visited I had a wander around Trinity college and along the backs whilst Paul was at an exam meeting.

  4. Lovely gardens... I bet they are even more beautiful at Summer time, when all is green!