Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy St David's Day

Happy St David's Day from North Wales.Lots of people wearing daffodils today and children in Welsh costume.We live by Ysgol Glanrafon which is a Welsh language primary school.I have tried learning Welsh.I did two years but it is very,very difficult.I have doneFrench,German,Italian and Spanish in the past but Welsh is far more difficult to pronounce and learn.I am not welsh but have lived here since my twenties so really feel part of Wales
We love living here and would never move!We have beautiful scenery both coastal and mountainous,have Chester 20 minutes away and it's not too far to Manchester and Liverpool for airports.


  1. Happy St David's day to you! Welsh looks difficult beyond belief!

  2. And a Happy St David's day to you too! I love daffodils, they are so cheery this time of year when things can be a bit grey! Not sure about the welsh language though (I'm not good at languages at the best of times)so I admire you for trying so hard to learn. Sx

  3. Happy St David's Day!
    My Aussie cousin married an Englishman and they have lived in a nice little village near Rhyl for around 40 years. I think her children had to learn Welsh at school but it certainly is very difficult to pronounce!

  4. Belated Happy St.David`s Day. The daffs are truly beautiful!