Thursday, 31 March 2011

A trip to York

We decided to have a couplpe of days in York Oh dear!!Typical!York Minster on its side.Just turn your head to one side.I suppose this is the most famous building in York.We only went into the entrance because they wanted £9 a head to go in.I would make a donation but not pay that much.
From there we went to the Treasurer's house.Frank Green owned this house from 1897 and created 13 different rooms from four centuries of history.He gave the house to the National Trust in 1930.He cared about it so much that he threatened to return and haunt it if any of the furniture was moved. This what we really went to York for.To see David Hockney's Bigger Trees Near Warter.It is huge-the size of a side of a is the biggest painting hockney has ever produced.Measuring 12 x 4 metres it is made up of 50 different canvases which show a scene near the east Yorkshire villafe of Warter.he painted each canvas,photographed it and put it on a grid on the really is amazing and so audacious to attempt such a progress.We could see faults but overall it is very impressive and well worth a visit.
This is only a were not allowed.
This is where we stayed.Lady Anne Middleton's Hotel.It is a collection of six listed buildings including Skeldergate House which a hospital in the 17th C.It was originally built as a refuge for 20 widows of the Freemen of York.There is also an old organ factory,Cromwell Hous
e,Chaplin House,two Joseph terry cottage and 56,Skeldergate which is an old town house built in the18thC.There is accomodation in all those buildings and it just yards south of the river right in the centre.We just parked the car and walked everywhere. On the way to York we decided to visit Fountains Abbey.We had never been before and were duly impressed.It is magnificent and we were so glad we visited.
The Cloisters.

We just had two nights in York.We are home until Sunday when we are off to Cambridge to look after our 11 yr old granddaughter who finishes school a week before her brothers.


  1. Hi, We love York and try to get there at some time every year. I've never been in the Treasurer's House. I'll put that on my list for when we go in December. We always take the caravan and stay not far from Clifford's Tower ... and we can walk everywhere. It's great not having to look for parking!
    We went to Fountain's Abbey two years ago. I've got exactly the same photo of the cloisters. We must have stood on the same spot!
    We finish school tomorrow too. Hooray!!!

  2. I love York. We used to go Christmas shopping nearly every year - haven't been for about three years now though. You've made me want to go back again soon. I remember going to a Victorian concert evening at Foutains Abbey - we had a picnic, wonderful concert and fireworks. I have some photos somewhere of us all in costume - must look them out. York and then Cambridge - how wonderful:)

  3. Looks like York is a favourite for us all! Last time I went we took a tour of the walls which was very interesting but we haven't been for a long while. Looks like end of term is a lot sooner for you - we don't finish until the 15th! Have a lovely time with your grand daughter and a happy mothers day as well;) Sx

  4. Yep, I've been there too and loved it but not to Fountains Abbey so thanks for showing us. I love revisiting all these terrific places, seeing some familiar things and some new ones too.
    I'm SO looking forward to our trip and seeing some new gems though it will only be a short one this time.

  5. Hi Barbara, we went to York for the first time last summer and I loved it! The buskers were very impressive I thought.Your photos make me want to go right back there. :)xx

  6. I love York and although its less than an hour away - we haven't been for ages. Must remedy that. Lovely shots - even the sideways one!xx

  7. Hi Beejay. Yes, I do actually have 19 children in my class. They are a wonderful bunch ... well behaved, but full of character. We have lots of fun each day, and they never fail to cheer me up. Everything we do excites them and they all try their best. i can't ask for more. If it hadn't been for this class my time back at work would have been much, much harder! Enjoy Cambridge.

  8. I have never been to York but I am determined to get there sooner or later. It all comes down to the rest of the family - they just don't see the fun in looking at grand old buildings and wonderful art like I do.

    I saw an article about that painting - can't remember where - but I remember thinking that I would love to go and see it as it is an incredible undertaking as you say.

    Glad to see you're out and about enjoying yourself.