Thursday, 10 March 2011

I thought Spring was here...

but it has been very cold here in North Wales today.Isn't this Hellebore gorgeous?I love the colour.I have a clump of them in the front garden.
I planted this pot up months ago.Every time we had a severe frost they drooped and wilted and I thought that was it and they were gone.But no ,each time they bounced back and are still going.

These are very pretty anemone blanda.They are quite a deep blue,much bluer than the camera has shown them.I was told years ago that they get paler every year and eventually end up white but mine havn't and they have spread.
So there are some signs of spring but not in the temperature today!


  1. Can't believe how cold it is here too. I've been on yard duty all day. It was freezing! I bet you don't miss that!
    Your flowers are lovely.

  2. The Helibores are my favourite, I have a few in the front border of different colours although I am told the dark ones are poisionous! It always amazes me how after all the cold and dark the little bulbs and plants pop right back up again as if it never happened, roll on warmer days as well. Sx

  3. The helibore is a gorgeous colour.