Saturday, 14 May 2016

I am all "socked" out!!!!!

 This is my sock drawer.
This is mine and C's put together!!I think I counted 26 pairs.How many pairs of socks do two people need?So,I think,enough is enough,.I have a pair on my needles to take away and then that is it for a while for sock knitting.I have done more than this as many have been given as presents.
I can remember being in awe at a craft fair in Manchester many years ago,of a lady knitting socks with no pattern in front of her.It was all in her head.How times move on and I must too.


  1. Once you get the hang of turning the heel, knitting socks is so much fun. Experimenting with variations on the basic theme just never grows old.

    I've also got a small collection of measured drawings of family members' feet, which allow me to always be able to knit up another special gift. I think we are on the same wave length. xo

  2. That is a pretty sock drawer. It puts mine to shame. I occasionally have sock culls. But they are easy to do because all mine are shop-bought and haven't involved hours of knitting.

  3. You can never have too many pretty socks and yours look very colourful in their drawer:)

  4. They are all so lovey. A friend in my craft group was knitting socks yesterday, self-striping, without even looking. Always amazes me that folks can do that.

  5. They are all so wonderful, well done on all those socks.

  6. They're fun to make and so colourful when they're laying neatly in the drawer. You certainly have a lot to choose from.

  7. Hmmmmm! I don't think I'll let you see my sock drawer! ;-) Ros

  8. Yep, you're right, you have enough socks. not something we do here - knitting socks I mean. I guess if the weather was colder??? Do you wear them inside boots? I have too many crocheted rugs too. Hardly need them here either but they are fun to do while watching TV at night.

  9. Oeps, I don't think I'll show my sock drawer.... I have over 30 pairs, all for me! And I continue knitting them, just because it's so much fun, especially using up leftovers and scrap yarn, and trying to make a matching pair of socks out of that.
    I wear socks all year, because my feet are always cold, so I think I have a good excuse to start another pair (lol).

    Love your socks, they look very nice, all together. And if you don't feel like knitting socks, than don't, knitting is supposed to be a hobby, so enjoy what you make, wathever that is!

    Love, Anja (you can see my sockdrawer there)

    1. oeps, my sock drawer is at

  10. I recognise those second from the top on the right, I've used the same yarn for a pair of mine. I think socks are very addictive and it doesn't help that wearing them is like luxury, nothing like a pair of hand knitted socks to keep the tootsies nice and cosy.

  11. I don't think you can ever have too many pairs of socks - and there are always people with feet to appreciate them if you make them to give away! :-) xx