Sunday, 22 March 2020

Please try and be positive.

It is going to be a hard and long slog but if we are feeling negative it will seem even longer.I have missed seeing my daughter and granddaughters today but we could not risk contact.
We are setting up a WhatsApp group for our family.All 11 of us ranging in age from 12 to 78!!
China seems to have got on top of this and is emerging the other side.
Use this time to finish projects and start new ones.
We have to get
into a mindset that it is ok to read for an hour in the morning.
Learn a new skill.
Do a free course.I have just looked on the Open University site and there are loads of courses.
My daughter has got a timetable for her girls 12 and 14.She has to do work as well.Structure to the day is important.
Our U3A is setting up contact groups for those on their own.
We all need to build some exercise into our day.
Etc etc


Love and hugs to everyone.


  1. I didn't realise that the OU offered so many free courses. I will look for something different (maths or science instead of the arts) and get started on one next week. Thank you, this was just what I need.

    Sending best wishes for you and your family x

  2. A change for us all. Although, I do think that a lot of children will benefit from the online exercise classes that seem to be popular at the moment for them, a change from sitting with handheld technology and playing games. Online help, relaxation and exercise for seniors and adults too which it good. A positive from a negative situation.

  3. We have family groups on messanger, where you can make group conference video calls, it was fun. Our internet is now vital.

  4. Your whatsapp family group will be a godsend when you can't go out and about. I'm going to dig a bit more into family history and I had bookmarked the Open Learn website so will look for something interesting on there, now the weather is better the garden will take lots of work to tidy up. Take care:)