Monday, 22 June 2009

My weight!!

I have been for a hospital appointment and they(horror,horror) weighed me.I said it can't be right.Idon't weigh that much( I daren't disclose it.I am soooo embarassed).I decided I had better buy some new scales which I did.They agreed with the hospital scales.My old scales were weighing 8lbs lighter.I have just had 2 weeks in France with wine,beer ,cheese etc but ....So the diet starts tomorrow.Watch this space.

Did you know the Posh yarn Tilia kits go on sale on Wednesday but they have nupps in them.


  1. Ah! Given my current lace knitting antics, I think on this occasion I'll give it a miss! I'm not sure my mind could cope with nupps!! As for the weight thing, I know how you feel. I struggle constantly with mine and it doesn;t help being married to a stick insect :-(

  2. I've currently managed to lose 6lbs using Weightwatchers Online - that's over two weeks. Still a very long way to go though :) How do I buy from posh yarns? It sounds wonderful.

  3. Please can I have scales that weigh less than I am? I did Rosemary Conley Classes a couple of years ago and it was great but the local one closed and the pounds have recently reappeared! We could help each other with this problem I feel!