Sunday, 14 June 2009

Back from France.

I am back from my holiday in on the whole was good but we did have 3 days of heavy rain,just the excuse to get some knitting done.

I finished the first sock from my sock club.

I made a small shawl in 2ply .The pattern was called Swallowtail.It said that the advanced skill needed was to be able to knit "nupps".Now, I have never done these before and don't think I will again but undaunted I gave it a go!I found them very difficult with such fine wool.I am dreading blocking it because I think large holes might appear.Does anyone else find these difficult?

I have also almost finished a stole in 2ply as well which I am thrilled with.

I did no knitting en route (poor Emily ).

We called in Cambridge yesterday and had lunch with our son and his family and it was good to see the grandchildren.

Today we have been to our daughter's and been to Emily's "graduation " from nursery.She goes to big school in September.It was a lovely afternoon.The children acted out the story of "The Very Hungry caterpillar" and sang some songs.Then there were play and craft activities and wonderful food and wine.It ended with more songs and a presentation .All the children got a copy of the bookand a certificate.They had gone to so much trouble and on a day off too.We loved it.


  1. Welcome back - I missed you! Yes I got 2 lots of posh yarn the other week 1 was June wedding (I think like the sock club and I started the forest canopy shawl but am making it bigger)the other was lace weight in 'kicky' can't decide which pattern to use (any suggestions) and I also managed to get a bat for spinning. I haven't managed to get on the last 2 sundays (family life etc) but I keep looking! I have done knupps and found that a very pointy needle was best to work with (harmony work well). Look forward to seeing pics of your work.

  2. I have no idea what a nupp is! I'm sure they're very complicated but look beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finished article. I've just started a shawl in laceweight and am finding it very 'holey' perhaps I need to go down a size.