Monday, 15 June 2009


I blocked my shawl and amazingly there are no holes !!I can see a few mistakes where i didn't do the nupp (or knupp) properly.A nupp is where on 1 row you make 5 stitches out of 1 and then on the next row purl 5 tog.I found it quite difficult with very fine wool purling the 5 tog.When my little shawl has dried I will post a photo.


  1. Phew! Glad you cleared that up. I really must try a more complicated pattern - I'm such a chicken :-)

  2. The thought of purling 5 stitches together gives me the willies. My problem is that I am a very tight knitter - must learn to loosen up before knitting knupps :o) To be honest I haven't done any lace knitting yet as my one and only go turned out disastrously as I kept losing the pattern. But I've just got some wonderful yarn from Astrids Dutch Obsessions, have ordered myself a Swift to ball it up with and am going to have a go at a lace shawl - wish me luck !!!

  3. I am doing knupps on my 'on the vine' scarf and I found that I needed to make a contious effort to make the yarn overs on the row before (how my extra stitches are made) more loosely than I normally would and then using the extra pointy harmony needles helped as I slid the stitches to the end to pick them all up. Can't wait to see the pics!