Sunday, 28 June 2009


I have cast on my Tilia shawl and have done 3 rows! O.K only one was a pattern row but what a relief to get to the end of the row and have the correct number of stitches.It takes about 15 mniutes to do a row and involved huge concentration.I told my husband he had not to even come into the room.
We are off to see my brother near Blackpool tomorrow and then on theway back we will pick up Emily and Ruby from nursery and look after them until Mum or Dad gets in. Sarah,our daughter, has gone to the Take That concert in Manchester today.Such excitement.She has gone with 5 friends and they decided to go at lunchtime and make a day of it so Dad has had the girls today.Ibet he's shattered .


  1. Nice one for getting your Tilia underway. I am still having trouble interpreting the pattern, and I think I ought to finish the shawl I've started before starting another one otherwise could get very confused between the two.

  2. Well done! I am loving my tilia. I have put a maker at the start of each pattern repeat and it has made it so easy to keep track of the pattern. Have fun with the little ones, they grow so quickly!

  3. I'm not bothered about the shawl - I'm just impressed she got Take That tickets!!! No, really I am bothered about the shawl, I've now frogged mine 6 times and am getting nowhere fast. I'm feeling defeated!