Monday, 31 August 2009

red shawl

This is my completed Dane shawl done with Posh Yarn Sock Club wool.It looks a bit more orange than it actually is.It was very quick to do and may be my Xmas project for everyone!!I did try and photograph my latest socks but because they are done in rib pattern they looked ridiculous.

I am now working on a jacket for my granddaughter(nearly 2).It is in DK and is growing very quickly.I have also got a 2ply scarf on the go but I am getting a bit bored with it.

I spent the morning gardening,tackling a job that has needed doing for years so I think I have earned some knitting time watching either athletics or the US open tennis if it has started.

I am also trying to exercise more and putting on my pedometer.The most stepsI had managed was 6,000 but then on Thursday my D came over with the little girls.She arrived at 9.30.a.m and didn't leave until 8.00p.m and guess what-I had done 10,012 steps during the day and a fair bit of weightlifting(the girls).

Keep up the knitting!!

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  1. That shawl is lovely and it will be nice and warm if it's knitted in sock weight. I am still ploughing on with my Tilia but might try a sock yarn shawl next, especially if it grows quicker!