Monday, 13 September 2010

Feeling sorry for myself!

I had to give myself a good talking it this morning.I had been feeling really down over the weekend,disappointed about the cancelled holiday but also asking -why me.What are the chances of getting another abscess after 5 years of nothing and it has to come just when we are about to go on,what for us,was an adventure.I think as well it has really knocked me for six.We went to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester on Friday.C hadn't been before but I went in the summer with S and the girls and we were impressed with it.So off we went but there are a lot of stairs and we had walked a fair distance from the car park(it's free at Tesco if you spend £10 for 2 hours).On the way back I decided I wanted to go to RKM wool shop and when I got there I really didn't think I would make it up the stairs to the fancy wool.I did but it made me realise I couldn't have coped with Manchester airport etc.So I know it was the right decision not to go.I was also disappointed because after my knee op in January I vowed I wasn't going to the doctors for anything for at least 12 months!!
So today is the new positive me!We have been to Ikea at Warrington and actually bought something.We use our dining room as a second sitting room because we often want to do different things so we have a TV in each room ,C has his music,guitar etc in the lounge and I tend to sit in the back and watch Corrie.You can tell who is the intellectual in our family.In the dining room we have a black Ikea type chair and a 2 seater sofa.The sofa is going and we have bought another chair and a coffee table.We also had lunch there.It's usually meatballs but today I had the herring platter which was yummy.
I have just had a long chat with S.We speak virtually every day but she told me I was wonderful which is good to hear.We are helping out with the children after school on Thursday and her OH is having "the little op".So I am taking tea and will stay to put the children to bed so she can go to Zumba.
I think I must have felt down because I felt so grotty.It's all over and I am grateful for so many things in life.A missed holiday is nothing.


  1. I can understand why you felt so down and the change of season won't have helped either! At least you had your medical problem in this country - it would have been terrible to have been away from home!

    Well done for picking yourself up and dusting you down - If your daughter is proud of you then we shall be too!

    Hope you left some yarn in RKM for the rest of us ;)

    Love as always, S x

  2. I can understand everything you're saying. One of the hardest things for us this summer was missing our holiday in France. When you teach, the summer is the most precious thing in the world, and we had it snatched away this year with my illness. But in the end, common sense prevailed and we know that France will still be there next year and I'll be fit enough to go .... and you will be able to go on your holiday too!
    Glad you're able to get out and about! By the way, you need a nice day to visit Another Place, I wouldn't go in bad weather!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, it must have been a huge blow for you but you've done the right thing in picking yourself up and throwing yourself back into things. I know that life changes all the time and that's what keeps me going! :) x