Sunday, 18 September 2011

A fun saturday and an interesting sunday

We had our two granddaughters for the day on Saturday.Mummy and Daddy wanted to do some DIY without little helpers.We had great plans for getting out and about.A walk at Loggerheads,then hide and seek followed by an ice cream.Perhaps a trip to the farm park in the afternoon.But no-rain stopped play outside but we had good fun inside.Emily and Ruby get on very well together and are really good pals.We played games,built with bricks,coloured and laughed and laughed.They had brought a doll with them that you stuck a bottle with water in it's mouth and "wee" comes out the other end!Fortunately they had brought a bath to sit it in.What will they think of next.Well, I think they have.Jonathan Ross on his show had a dog that did "poos".You can imagine kids loving that.But best of all they love giving cuddles.We took them back at 5pm and all went had tea in the pub.A great day was had by all.
Today,in complete contrast we have been to Ruthin Craft Centre to see their latest exhibitions.One featured nine artists work using willow-baskets mainly but also some wall sculptures.All very nice and unusual.The other main exhibition was quite bizarre but made you smile.It was called "Reggie's Roller Palace".It is by Olivia Brown and to quote"a vintage take on the modern cult of celebrity alongside the branding and mass marketing that surrounds it,all seen through the eyes of Reggie(a rat) and over a 100 handmade canine spectators".
Olivia Brown is coming in October to give a gallery talk(free) which I may go to.On the same day there is Reggie's Celebrity Look -a-Like Pageant for Dogs!!Dress your dog as a well known idol and enter them in the competition to win an original ceramic dog.Dogs must be registered in advance and a photographer will do portraits.Well It's different!!!


  1. Wow I just love those doggies they look like huge fun! I saw that doggie poop thing that 'Mr Ross' had and it was hilarious but don't think we will be getting one anytime soon. Sxx

  2. Lol! I saw that pooping dog too. Needless to say my 13 year old thought it was hilarious. I just couldn't get over the noises it made - that dog had serious issues! I love the look of that doggie exhibition, it would make me smile too. If I lived nearer I might also enter Lola in the competition - not sure who I'd dress her as though!