Saturday, 3 September 2011

Stonyford Cottage Garden

We visited this garden today and what a gem it is.It is situated in Cheshire on the edge of Delamere Forest.It is a small garden with a lake and streams but some very unusual plantingIt is £3 to go in but a season ticket was £3.50.Obviously too late in the season to buy that but next year we shall.Attached is a nursery with plants you can buy and they also do mail order.To think we have ,probably once a week, passed the end of the road to the garden and never visited.

I wish I had taken more photos.

It is now ten days since C's op and every day he is better.We should have been in France this week but it had to be cancelled due to his op.The trip has been rearranged for October when the weather won't be as good but you never know we might hit lucky.

I have done 20 inches of my scarf which is pretty good since last Tuesday.No knitting tonight as we are watching the French crime drama Spiral and I have to read the subtitles.I can't do that and lace knitting!


  1. Hi there,
    I've never heard of that garden. It looks well worth a visit. Delamere isn't too far from us. Hope your husband continues to recover!
    I've never been to France 'out of season' ... it's something we're looking forward to when we retire, not having to race back for September.
    We were staying in the Rhone Alpes .... it's a bit further north than the Luberon, and not quite so hot. Although this year it has been very hot indeed! We had blue sky days for three whole weeks! I feel really well, and so relaxed... ready for the onslaught of the start of term next week!

  2. It looks a lovely garden and well worth the season ticket so you can visit in each season. Glad to hear that your husband's treatment went well and that he is feeling better:)

  3. What a lovely garden to visit!

    Hope your hubby continues to improve.

    And thanks for dropping by my blog!


  4. I am so glad I visited you tonight; that garden looks delightful! I love discovering new gardens... and revisiting old ones too. I am sure France in October will be just wonderful. We usually enjoy the beautiful tail end of our Indian summers during that month.

    Best wishes to your husband and to yourself, of course.

  5. What an inspiring garden ! Love your blog and now following xx Ava

  6. Big hugs to 'C' and hope he is back to normal again soon. That garden is so pretty - will have to visit it one day! Sxx

  7. That garden looks fantastic.
    Glad big brother is getting better day by day. Funnily enough I've been to France many more times in the middle of winter than any other time of year - in my skiing days