Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mold Food Festival 2011

We live in the small market town of Mold in N Wales.Every year we have a Food Festival and it is this weekend.It is very popular.Lots of tasting-food and drink.Lots of food /drinks to buy.

Just look at those cakes!

. Olives and nuts galore.


Just look at these.

There was lots of live music to listen to while you had a coffee.

It was really difficult taking photos because it was so crowded.It's only £3.50 to go in.There were cookery demonstrations too.We are going again tomorrow because our daughter and family want to go.The chef tomorrow is Jean Christophe Novelli


  1. What a wonderful day out, thanks so much for sharing.

    The sight of all those olives have me drooling, Im a big fan of them.

    And those candles - what amazingly reasonable prices, I think I would be stocking up for Christmas presents!

    Hope you enjoy your second visit to the festival, please share any pics of Jean Christophe!!


  2. All the stalls look colourful and interesting. I love the olives and the candles are such a good price. Looks like a good day out, no wonder you are going back again:)